If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

Photo shoot in Montreal, June 2017

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Back in the day, when I worked at Adobe, that was our tagline for Photoshop. Fast forward to 2017 and I am living this mantra everyday with the work I do for SAP.

I’m a marketer but I’m also a creative person. I love coming up with new ideas on how to disrupt traditional marketing to tell our brand story. And lately, I’ve been on a hot streak with my ideas coming to fruition.

The latest project started a year ago at SAPPHIRE 2016. We’d just executed another one of my crazy ideas. Use Facebook Live to tell stories from the show floor. We interviewed customers, partners, analysts and thought leaders. And garnered some impressive organic stats. I loved the “in the moment” raw and authentic stories we captured about the journey to succeed. And I knew we could do more.

Over a couple drinks, I brainstormed with my millennial partner in crime, Ryan Sonnenberg. Like me, he is someone who always wants to push the envelop. And passion is in his blood. How we met and started collaborating at SAP is a story in itself for another time. What came of our discussion? We dreamed up the idea for #LifeAt.

SAP’s best kept secret is our 250K+ small and midsize business customers. And the best way to build awareness about this fact is through our customers. But we want to try something new and different. Create a “buddy road trip”. Travel around North America and interview customers. But use the lens of a millennial and someone with a millennial mindset and incorporate social media, live-streaming, and innovative video storytelling. Our goal is to bring to life what it’s really like to work at a growing company. And our customers are the best storytellers of #LifeAt their companies as they’ll always include how SAP helps them innovate and grow.

We recently completed our first regional visits to Silicon Valley and Montreal. And we’re about to launch the #LifeAt video series. Look for the video teases on our social media channels, follow the hashtag #LifeAt and read our blogs about each visit.

If you have a dream, what’s holding you back?